keyboard socket water damaged repair

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A customer came today with the very high end laptop which damaged by water. The keyboard not work anymore.

We open the case and have a look inside.

We found out the keyboard connection was damaged by damaged and the rust make the copper gone.

keyboard water damaged repair

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Macbook Air A1466 water damaged repair

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A customer came in report that his Macbook Air Model : A1466 cannot be turn on.


We opened to have a look and found out small area water damaged. The copper testing point was damaged because the water dropped in and rusted. the copper testing point peel off. That why the the voltage cannot load into the IC clip. 


We have to do the micro soldering and solder the copper wire from the capacitor to the IC. We solder the copper wire from under PCB surface and soldering on the surface of the PCB.

macbook air A1466 water damaged copper damaged

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Laptop Motherboard SMD (Surface Mount Device) Repair

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Today, A customer came with Toshiba laptop and tell me the laptop cannot be turn on even the laptop in full battery.

I test with his power charger adapter and the charging DC jack. Adapter is 19v voltage but after connect to the laptop charger lose power.

I open the back case to inspect, then we find out one of the capacitor is burn. 

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MacBook Pro Retina 13″ A1502 Screen Replacement

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Today, a young lady came in very sad with her MacBook Pro, The model is MacBook Pro Retina 13" A1502.

She said the MacBook was hit by the car door when she close the car door. She is really sad. 

I turn on the unit to have a look and found out that the left side and the bottom side are not able to display correctly.

Apple MacBook A1502 display problem

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