Common Problems with Laptop Hinges and what to do with Laptops Hinges

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A normal laptop uses a dual-hinge design. The top and bottom hinges connect the screen and the body of the laptop, while the center hinge connects the keyboard and the body of the laptop. Over time, these hinges can become dried out, causing them to crack or even break. When this happens, the laptop will begin to collapse in on itself, causing significant damage to the screen and possibly the laptop. Laptop hinges are one of the most commonly broken parts of a laptop. If your laptop hinge is broken, it can be a pain to fix it. But why the laptop hinges damaged.


The reasons why your laptop hinges keep break.

The laptop screen is not aligned correctly
When your laptop screen is not aligned correctly, it causes the door to open or close slowly. This issue is often due to a bad connections at the hinges. You can verify if this is the case by tugging on the laptop screen bezel. If it moves slightly, it means that the hinges are not tight enough.

laptop lid keep opened and closed so many times. If your laptop always stay in one location, keep your laptop open until next time you use. Use a laptop stand to open your laptop and close it with two hand. When used correctly, it can help reduce the long time damage on repetitive tasks such as closing and opening the laptop lid.

Laptop dropped. when laptop dropped on the floor and it may damage the laptop hinges. In such a case, the screen may also pop off.Laptop flip-flops prevent such accidents. When your laptop is in your bag, it is protected from falls and scratches. Check out our full collection of laptop suspenders and protectors.When you're working on a computer.


How to tell if laptop hinges need to be replaced?

There are several ways that you can check to see if your laptop hinges need to be replaced. One of the most obvious is to take a look at the condition of the hinges. If they are rusted or otherwise damaged, they will need to be replaced. If you can see gaps between the letters on the screen, that is a sign that the hinges need to be replaced. If you can see the bottom of the screen, you have broken hinges. This will also damage the screen and may cause it to become unresponsive.


What Can You Do to Enhance the Life of Laptop Hinges?

While regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of a hinge, sometimes it's necessary to do more than just maintain the current condition. We'll go over what you can do to enhance the life of your laptop hinges

You should make sure that your laptop is maintained properly. Clean dust if your laptop is used in dusty or dirty environments. If you use your laptop in a job that requires you to be in areas with heavy smoke or dust, your laptop may require a deep clean on the surface and the laptop hinge area.

Lubricate your hinges. Lubricating your hinges will keep them from sticking as badly, which will prevent annoying noise from entering your laptop. You can purchase a special pen to apply the lubricant to the hinges. Make sure to clean off any excess oil before continuing, as this can accumulate on the hinge and cause it to stick even more.








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