MacBook Pro Retina 13″ A1502 Screen Replacement

by Super User
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Today, a young lady came in very sad with her MacBook Pro, The model is MacBook Pro Retina 13" A1502.

She said the MacBook was hit by the car door when she close the car door. She is really sad. 

I turn on the unit to have a look and found out that the left side and the bottom side are not able to display correctly.

Apple MacBook A1502 display problem

She went to Apple store to get the repair price for her MacBook Pro laptop, and was quote over $1200 for screen repair. So she want to find other shop for repair, that's why she come to us.

For any Apple laptop part is not cheap, so we don't have the stock at that time. But we promise we can get the stock within a week.

She is OK for wait for a week. 

MacBook Pro A1502 screen replacement

Within a week we have the MacBook screen arrived and fit the screen to the customer laptop.

MacBook Pro A1502 screen repair finished

The MacBook Pro Retina 13" work again. She is happy with the service and the price is just nearly the half price of Apple store.