Macbook Air A1466 water damaged repair

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A customer came in report that his Macbook Air Model : A1466 cannot be turn on.


We opened to have a look and found out small area water damaged. The copper testing point was damaged because the water dropped in and rusted. the copper testing point peel off. That why the the voltage cannot load into the IC clip. 


We have to do the micro soldering and solder the copper wire from the capacitor to the IC. We solder the copper wire from under PCB surface and soldering on the surface of the PCB.

macbook air A1466 water damaged copper damaged


macbook air a1466 copper soldering

Because the ic clip is very small and the wire is thinner than hair. After about 3 hours of soldering and test. We finally successfully put the wire and connect both together.

The Macbook Air A1466 is now work again. Customer save a lot of money of buying a new Macbook.

Macbook Air A1466 repaired and work again