keyboard socket water damaged repair

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A customer came today with the very high end laptop which damaged by water. The keyboard not work anymore.

We open the case and have a look inside.

We found out the keyboard connection was damaged by damaged and the rust make the copper gone.

keyboard water damaged repair

We have to remove the old keyboard connector.

 And put the new keyboard connector on.

laptop water damaged repair

Because some of the connector copper is damaged by the water, we cannot do the soldering on all of the legs. 

Anyway, we have to solder which we can do first.

small component soldering

Then we do wiring solder from the legs of the connector direct solder on each capacitors.

laptop repair perth

that take a very long time to do one by one.

SMD soldering done

At the final, we are able to connect all legs to capacitors and the keyboard work well.

Customer was very happy.