Data Recovery

Personal data and information always is the most important and priceless things. And we also provide data recovery for our customer. we recovery data from Hard Disk, Broken USB drive, iphone and android phone. We will try the best to get all your data back.



Difficulty Levels:




 From   $150   

(Price is depended on the problem) 

 Description :


We understand the Data is very important to you. We will always try our best to get the data back from you. We always provide the best price to you as well. And we will give the advise before we start and open of your media to make sure you are able to get data, and WE WILL NOT START TO OPEN YOUR MEDIA, if we are not able to do, just make sure you have the other chance to get data back.

Our service media including Hard Disk, USB Drive, Phone and more.

Firstly we need to inspect the fault item, and then we will give you quotation. 





Our Data Recovery example in Gallery: