Power adapter soldering in Perth

Laptop DC Jack Repair

If your device not charging, power jack loose, only charge by hold the cord in angle or the power plug falls out of the jack adapter, then your power jack needs to be replaced. We specializes in quickly diagnosing and repairing all brands of laptop and desktop power jacks and offer the best rates for laptop power jack replacement service. 

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Laptop repair

Laptop Repair

Laptop computer is a great device when it without problem. There are so many different parts inside the laptop, and we offer to repair hard disk, ram, keyboard, mouse pad , touch pad, DVD drive, screen, mainboard, DC jack, hinge. Our service laptop brands include MSI, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, HP, Alienware, Sony and more.

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Laptop fan loud noisy noise replacement

Laptop Fan Repair

Laptop cooling fan is the other common problem of the laptop faulty reason. After few years of laptop operating, the performance of the laptop cooling fan will going down because of dust, weather and the age. Replacement the internal laptop cooling fan will make your computer work better again.

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Laptop water damaged repair

Laptop Water Damaged Repair

Water damaged on the laptop is very common, people fall coffee, wine, beer, coca cola on the laptop, unbelievably no one fall a clear water on the laptop. Water damaged laptop can be repair in some case by changing IC, re-soldering, replace some part. Unlucky if  that happen on you, please remember to turn off and unplug the power first and bring it to us, our professional team will help you as possible as we can.

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laptop broken hinge repair in perth

Laptop hinge repair

Hinge and laptop housing case damaged is also a common problem by too many time of open and close of the screen, dropped on the floor, closing LCD screen with force. Once the hinge or case damaged on the laptop, the laptop itself may fall apart into 2 pieces and make the laptop unusable. We can replace the hinge and case or we also can rebuild the hinge and case as well.

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laptop Screen replacement

Laptop Screen Repair

There are high range of Laptop LCD screen from 11 inch up to 19 inch, but the most common screen is 13 inch, 14 inch, 15.6 inch and 17 inch. And screen may crack or damage by dropped or close incorrectly, even some people will punch on the laptop itself. No worries, we offer laptop screen repair for your laptop in the professional way. 

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Surface Pro repair in Perth

Microsoft Surface Pro repair

Microsoft making actual PCs (or tablet) was unthinkable just a few short years ago. The Surface family is a series of tablets and accessories from Microsoft aimed at highlighting the strengths of Windows. There are 2 different type, surface RT and surface Pro. And difficulty of repairing surface devices is 5 stars, that's mean very hard for repair. But our team have no problems of repairing any surface devices. 

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