Laptop Main board repair

The laptop no longer working, overheating, connection broken; that's why you need to get your laptop motherboard repair. As windows serial key was injected into the main board, windows production key will be different and will need to reactivate again. 


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 From   $80   

(Price is depended on the problem) 

 Description :


Laptop Computer is very convenience if it work without any problem. But when the problem occur, the most complicated is the Motherboard, the fault of the Motherboard can be capacitor, resistor, Clips, DC jack, USB port or others connection. We can try to find out the faulty reason instead of changing the whole motherboard.

Our service brands including  MSI, Toshiba, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, HP, Alienware, Sony, Microsoft surface pro and more.

Firstly we need to inspect the fault item, and then we will give you quotation. 





Our Motherboard Repair example in Gallery: