Laptop Water Damaged Repair

Water damaged on the laptop is very common, people fall coffee, wine, beer, coca cola on the laptop, unbelievably no one fall a clear water on the laptop. Water damaged laptop can be repair in some case by changing IC, re-soldering, replace some part. Unlucky if  that happen on you, please remember to turn off and unplug the power first and bring it to us, our professional team will help you as possible as we can.


Difficulty Levels:




 From   $80   (very depends on the job difficulty) 

water damaged repair in Perth

 Description :

A computer that has water damage will likely not be in a working condition. Even after the computer is dried out, there is no guarantee that the computer will be in working order. Water can cause a computer battery to short out, which can damage the power plug and affect the power supply to the house. So remove power outlet and bring it to us immediately, we will try the best to do with the water damaged repair. And don't ignore the problem or let the water stay in your devices. The copper in the motherboard will rust out and damaged. It will be more difficult to make it work again. 

We will provide very professional services including  part replacement/ re-soldering/ change IC to fix your water damaged devices. And our price is very competitive. 

Firstly we need to inspect the fault item, and then we will give you quotation. 



Our Water damaged reapir example in Gallery: