Mobile Screen Repair in Perth

Cirrus Link is a professional business for mobile phone repair, we mainly provide professional mobile phone screen replacement services. Now we moved to Scarborough in Western Australia and bought the local shop in Scarborough as the trading name as “Mobile Defenders”.

Mobile Screen Replacement in Perth

Nowadays mobile phone or smartphone is a new technology device for daily use. The mobile phone itself provide multiple different functions in one device which including calling, messages, video chat, professional camera, GPS locating, Video recording, Radio, Gaming, playing movie, document and even more. Time of using the mobile phone is increasing daily. As the usage of the phone increases, the new technology is developed very fast, the size of the mobile phone screen is become larger and larger. But also there is a disadvantage of having a big screen on the mobile phone as the opportunity of cracking screen is become higher than before. Especially the latest smartphone model with the glass on the front and back instead of the traditional metal back. So Cirrus link is here to help your mobile phone screen repair in Perth. For all mobile screen replacement in Perth, we provide high quality mobile screen replacement.

Fast Repair Service

We provide fast repair service, most of the repair jobs can be done within 1 hour, sometimes even within 30 minutes. Although we provide fast repairing service, but it won’t affect our repair quality standard. Our customers keep coming back for the mobile phone screen repair because of our good customers services.

We provide the crack screen replacement for most mobile phones including apple iphone, samsung, lg, htc, nokia, huawei, oppo and more. All repair devices come with 3 months warranty ( physical damaged, water damaged, human damaged and crack screen etc are not included), you simply just bring it back to the shop and we will fix it for you again. Our services are professional with reasonable price. We will not cheat you and ask you to pay any extra which is not required on the job, and we will not overcharge you for any services job. We hope you will be satisfied with our service.