Tablets Repair

Nowadays the number of tablets (including android, ipad, surface) used worldwide is huge. The number of the problems on the tablets is need to be fixed (crack screen, damaged LCD, Battery replacement, water damaged, charging problem). We work with iOS as well as Android-powered tablets, and we solved all the problems.



Difficulty Levels:




 From   $60   

(Price is depended on the problem) 

 Description :

 Tablet / ipad is replacing the traditional computer, some people carry outdoor as well. glass screen is easy to crack. No worries, we are able to help without 2 hours for some of the tablet.

Any problem like crack screen, LCD problem, phone jack, speaker, wifi problem etc. we are able to fix for you.


Firstly we need to inspect the fault item, and then we will give you quotation. 





Our Tablet repair example in Gallery: